Picture of wolf named White Cherokee Rose

In March of 2001, the Wolf Sanctum was established in the beautiful and scenic Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. The Appalachians are old mountains, misty, veiled in ancient lore…..areas that seemingly still speak to us of a wildness of spirit, of our long deep connection with Mother Nature herself.

It has been a very long time since these majestic mountains heard the call of the Wolf. Like so many other places. Far too many vanished wildernesses. While we cannot turn sucking back the hands of time, to restore what has been painfully lost forever, we can consciously make the effort to alter our future by learning from the mistakes of our past and present. We can speak of conservation in scientific terms…and we certainly should, for a sound healthy eco-system is a critical key even for human survival…but we need to shout conservation for those things that touch the very core of the human spirit.

As each new wolf finds a safe refuge in our sanctuary, it adds to the melodious albeit mournful sounding chorus of howls, an old refrain for survival. It is a plea we should not, cannot, ignore.

We invite you to explore the pages of our website, to learn about our Mission, about our wolves in sanctuary, and our educational programs and efforts on behalf of the wolf. We sincerely hope you will support our organization. Ultimately, we hope you are at least inspired enough to make some concerned effort to add your voice, your support, on behalf of the Wolf. Thank you.