Local Gift Shop

We have a local Gift Shop where visitors can purchase from our nice selection of Wolf photos, statues, toys, dream catchers, branded leather art, Wolf art, prayer feathers, and many many more items.  (Please note that some items in the photographs are now sold out since the time these photos were taken.)



We have new an online store at     We also opened up an Etsy shop, with different creations in that shop…go to Etsy, then search for our shop Wolf Sanctum Wildstone (drop the ‘s’ in the search). 

The Wolf Sanctum Wildstones on-line store features the hand crafted artworks (beautiful jewelry!!) made by our Director, Liz Mahaffey.   Our Sponsors will also receive a 10% discount on all on-line store items.  Contact Liz to get your Sponsorship discount code if you have not received it already in the post.


Local Gift Shop Photos

Wolf Sanctum Gift Shop

Photography  of the wolves of The Wolf Sanctum are available through The Wolf Sanctum Gift Shop & our new online store. We now have a beautiful large selection of collector edition photographs, matted and some framed.


Wolf Sanctum Gift Shop

Wolf Sanctum Gift Shop