Monthly News & Events at the Wolf Sanctum

From the Director’s Desk - SPRING 2013

SATURDAY OPEN HOUSES being May 4, 2013.   What this means is that you can show up between the hours of noon until 6 p.m. on Saturdays without an appointment!!  Weather permitting of course….sorry, we can’t give tours if it is pouring rain.    If you want to come visit other than on these Open House Saturdays, you need to make an appointment.  I will make appointments for Fridays, sometimes Wednesdays, in the afternoons. 

There is NO CHARGE for tours, however, we rely on donations from our tours to feed the resident animals, so your generosity is encouraged and appreciated.  All donations go directing to the care/feeding of our resident animals.

Email me if you wish to arrange a tour other than the Saturday Open Houses, or have any questions.  Thank you.

We said Goodbye to Emily Grass (Appalachian State University) this past Saturday as she prepares for graduation.  Khamazi, the house wolf, was particularly fond of Emily and I think he will be extremely disappointed when she does not come back.  Emily got me started on the Wheel of Time (R. Jordan) book series and I’ve become addicted to it!  We wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors.    We know she will be a staunch advocate for wolves.


I regret that we cannot assist you if you have a current need, but please look elsewhere.  Thank you.

The wild wolves in the United States continue to suffer in what can be called no less than a brutal war on wolves.    To quote (earlier 2012 quote)  the Center for Biological diversity “a year ago, that wolf was protected as a member of an endangered species, but last month he was trapped, tortured and killed thanks to an underhanded congressional rider that’s also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of other wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains” said the Center’s Michael Robinson.  “A lack of respect for the balance of nature is leading to a war on wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains.”      Wisconsin’s bill 502 was signed into law recently, giving hunters the go ahead to use dogs in wolf hunts.   

WILD WOLVES KILL LESS THAN .01% of livestock.  Check the FACTS.

Thirty to  forty years of recovery, over $100 million, down the tubes……and  this is just not years and dollars, it is the lives of these animals being cruely ripped apart, their pups condemed to slowly starving to death  when the parents are killed.    (Note:  Our Facebook site keeps more up to date on what is going on….Deborah posts updated information almost daily…’s at Wolf Sanctum).


NOTE:  When we have our Website updated, a couple of our previous “headings” were omitted.    One of the sections outlined our parameters for accepting animals (and we are NOT accepting any new animals, sorry) , that we spayed/neutered all of our resident animals, that we are USDA licensed,  etc. etc.    Also, omitted was our “Wish List” on things we’d like….if you want to bring something other than yourself, we welcome “pig ears” for the babes.   It was an extremely busy time with getting the on-line store up, so hopefully your favorite or informative sections are still here.  Thank you for your understanding.