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Photo Gallery of The Sanctum’s wolves


The Wolf Sanctum was founded to provide a safe refuge for captive born Wolves (and Wolf-dogs) While we cannot always accommodate all the requests for Sanctuary, we do network with numerous other sanctuaries and rescue organizations nationwide. Educational assistance offering advice on behavioral issues, containment, and general care requirements may preclude the need for an animal to be re-homed.

While our “Residents” come from diverse backgrounds….some displaced, some abandoned or found roaming, from roadside zoos, private homes….they all have one thing in common: the need for a safe refuge where their physical and social behavioral needs can be met. We strive to provide a secure habitat, provide enrichment, and meet nutritional and medical needs. We also strive to socialize as much as possible by instilling care and trust ….and love. It’s not always possible. Some will forever be Wild Children. Which brings me to the point of asking people to think carefully prior to bringing an animal that has a more or less wild nature into your home….if you cannot do a LIFETIME commitment, don’t. These are not domestic dogs, which have the mentality of a child. These animals grow up…to become fully functioning adults with adult behavior. Try telling your 18 year old teenage son, with all his testosterone, to go sit in a corner and behave. Right.

We give permanent sanctuary to animals we take in; every once in awhile we do get one that, after extensive evaluation, would be better suited in a private home. We hope you will go to our Link’s section and visit the wolf-dog adoption board. Please note that we are not accepting any new resident animals into sanctuary.

Please be advised we are not accepting any new resident animals.

Habitat: We try to provide a suitable habitat for our residents. All of the areas are treed. Most of our enclosures are of 9 gauge chain link fence, 8 foot high with lean-ins. We have a couple that are Game Fence, which is a high tensile, fixed knot fence. They are between 8 and 10 foot high. #2 is made of cattle panel (not recommended) but overlaid with medium weight chain link (which will make it secure). Please see the individual residents below for a description of their habitats.



ENCLOSURE/HABITAT #4:     Over an acre in size, this heavily treed habitat houses Eshelokee and Sabrelle.  Eshelokee, or Lokee for short, came to The Wolf Sanctum in 2005.  He was found wandering loose in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  We estimated he was between two to three years of age at that time.  Lokee is housed with a female, Sabrelle, who was given sanctuary in 2010 at approximately three years of age.   She had been turned in to the Watauga Animal Control, in Boone, NC by a “wildlife sanctuary” and arrived  in emaciated poor condition.  She and Lokee have bonded well, and she has regained her health.   We’ve figured out Sabrelle dislikes the Golf Cart and generally runs to the bottom of the enclosure when she hears it…she’s made some social progress, especially towards males, but is still a bit of a squirrel.




ENCLOSURE/HABITAT #7:  Approximately 66’x24’, 1584 square foot, this habitat is occupied by Nala Aila.  Born in March of 1999, Nala was purchased at an auction in Missouri by an Animal Trainer.  She went through several trainers before they gave up on her having an acting career, and came to  The Wolf Sanctum in 2005.   Nala now is the sole occupant.  This habitat was originally put up on a temporary basis and will be removed when Nala passes.



ENCLOSURE/HABITAT #5:  Approximately 54×41”, 1980 square foot with lockout. Cherokee White  Rose was born in 041700, and came to us in 2003.  Supposedly born in a zoo, Rose had some issues with males, but has greatly improved over the years through the kindness and attention she’s received from our male guests.  Rose does however have a huge jealous streak and it’s best to house her by herself.


ENCLOSURE/HABITAT #9:  Approximately 44×48’, 2112 square foot.  Cheyenne, born 041801, came to The Wolf Sanctum in 2004.  Deuce, born April 1999, received sanctuary in 2003.  These two make a lovely couple!  Cheyenne loves young ladies and children, but Deuce is rather unsocial with everyone.  Cheyenne was rescued from a game farm as a puppy, and Deuce came from a Roadside Zoo. 



ENCLOSURE/HABITAT # 8:  Our smallest habitat, 32×24’. We have opened up Habitat #8 to be a part of #9 , giving Cheyenne and Deuce more room.

On April 11, 2012 Alpine went to the Bridge….she had turned 14 in Feburary.  We will miss our sweet Alpine.



ENCLOSURE/HABITAT #6:  66×48’, plus 24×48 lockout space, for a total of 4320 square feet.  Occupied by Abatar, Hobbit and WaLayla.  Hobbit and Abatar came to live here in 2008, after being taken from an unlicensed owner in the state of Florida and transferred to Shy Wolf Sanctuary.  We were looking for a male to house with WaLayla, born 042304, and displaced by the Florida Hurricanes, winding up in Tennessee, and given sanctuary in 2004.   Originally WaLayla was housed with Cheyenne and Deuce, but upon reaching her sexual maturity,  WaLaya  was forced out!   The lucky miss wound up with two handsome males.  We estimated Abatar and Hobbit were approximately two to three years of age in 2008.  (There are pictures of Hobbit in the Gallery.)



ENCLOSURE/HABITAT #3:  Approximately 48×35’, 1536 square foot.  Takota is here temporarily while her Dad is sorting out housing.   We took in Ho’kee in 2009, from Gwinnett County A/C (Georgia)  after Takota was displaying some behavior of being rather lonely and needing company.  Ho’kee was estimated at around one to two years of age.  He is rather unsocial but has displayed more friendly behavior towards males.  He was turned into the A/C by the owner, although the woman insisted Ho’kee had dug in to her yard!!